Sunday, May 1, 2016

Marble Maze

I love to make things for my grand daughters. I used several of my Proxxon tools to make this marble maze for six year old Chloe.

So, let's get started to make a marble run. Here's what you'll need:
Supplies  Proxxon Tools
12" x 6" piece of craft plywood Scroll saw
36" length of 1/2" square rod Hand held router
Wood glue Delta sander
3/4" brads
12" x 6" piece of craft plywood

Begin by drawing your desired path on a piece of paper. Sharp turns and tight bends make a more difficult maze, so consider the age of the user when designing the marble path. Next, cut out your pattern, position on the 12" x 6" plywood, and trace the pattern onto the wood.

Using the Proxxon hand held router and a core box router bit, rout out the marble maze path.

Next, use the Proxxon Delta sander to smooth the top of the maze.

Now, working on the reverse side of the maze, measure and mark the placement for the brads. These will help to stabilize the side rails of the maze. With a rotary tool and a 1/32" bit, drill pilot holes for the brads.

Measure and mark the square rod into two 12" and two 5" lengths for the side rails. Cut these on the Proxxon scroll saw.

Put a thin layer of wood glue on the rails and position them in place. When the glue is dry, turn the maze over and tap in the brads. Everyone loves getting to work on my Proxxon projects—even my husband got into the act when attaching the rails!!

All set!! Grab some marbles and try your skills. Here's Chloe's first try with her marble maze.


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