Tuesday, May 10, 2016

~Vintage Embellishing Part 2~ Proxxon Tools Design Team Project by Sherri Welser

~Vintage Embellishing Part 2~

Welcome back to the second part of my vintage embellishment table project!! The reason why it is called "vintage" is because I wanted a project where I incorporated small old jewelry trinkets and charms and then that grew into adding inspirational messages and basically anything that held meaning to me. The other piece I made before this was actually 
 an old church window and it did have a very Vintage feeling to it!

Here you see the table after all the pieces were glued down.. it's now ready to grout!


*Mosaic grout~ I bought the  grout that is for glass and glass tiles as it doesn't scratch the more delicate glass objects. I found it at Michaels and you will need at least a 12 oz for a 3 ft table.
* Rubber Gloves
* Damp Towel
* Grout Sealer

  Here you see the difference between the grouted area and the non grouted area. I just used rubber gloves to apply

  When Applying make sure you push the grout down in all the empty spaces  with your rubber gloves on and wipe off any excess 
( this is a messy job!)

Here you see the finished table and the last step is  to seal with a grout sealer/protective layer. You can either use a spray sealer or a brush on. I decided I wanted another decorative element so also added these metal tiles on the bottom shelf. This is a beautiful piece that will add a special decorative and sentimental element to any room! And it all starts with great tools! I love Proxxon Tools for all of my projects, they are very versatile easy to use and the craftsmanship is wonderful!

Hope you have enjoyed this fun embellishing project and see you next time! I will be offering an online workshop for creating these beautiful pieces in June! Visit my website for more details www.indigoearth.artfire.com

Workshop listed soon!

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