Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wind Chimes Repair

I love how handy my Proxxon Micromot power tools are. They make creating—and repairing—easy. This winter was hard on my wind chimes. In mid-February the wooden support for the chimes cracked, broke, and sent the chimes crashing down.

So, my son and I cut a new support. Well, truth be told, he did the work because he loves these tools as much as I do!! First, we measured the old piece and traced a circle the same size onto a piece of 1/2" wood. Then, he used the Proxxon scroll saw to cut out the circle.

Next, he routed the edges with the hand-held router.

Then, we used the Delta sander to smooth the edges.

The piece was sprayed with a sealant to protect it from the weather. When it was dry, the wind chimes were ready to be restrung. 

I'm so glad that with the help of my Proxxon tools (and my son) I was able to repair these beautiful wind chimes rather than having them end up in the trash heap.

The wind was whipping around today, playing with the wind chimes. Listen to the beautiful music that  they make. 


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